About Us - Plintuss

As SIA Plintuss has been known since January 2001, we have accumulated experience in this field since 1991.
Our service team employs 14 experienced, skilled and trusted masters (car painters, trainers and mechanics). The quality of the work is ensured by regular training of our employees - our employees attend refresher courses, acquiring the latest car preparation and painting technologies.
The service area for pre-painting prepairs exceeds 800 m2, providing space for 8 cars at the same time. Separate interior for car geometry restoration and other repair works for 6 more cars. The painting chamber is suitable for painting cars and minibuses (eg Mercedes-Benz SPRINTER MAXI). Our equipment includes two professional car geometry stands and several lifts. In the service area we provide guarded parking.
We cooperate with all Latvian insurance companies: BTA, BALCIA, Baltic Insurance House, Compensa, IF, Gjensidige, Ergo, Balta